In Living and In Memory

We cherish every memory with our lab family. Here are a few photographs of some of our labradors and their names. I have also listed many of our labs that may not be pictured but were very important to the Royalty family. Many people ask how long labs live and most of ours have lived over 13 years of age or more. Contact us if you want to hear more about any of our labradors or their stories.


In Living:

  • Royalty's Make an Entrance (Willow)

  • Royalty's Let it Go (Elsa)

  • Royalty's Indigo (Indy aka Bluey)

  • Royalty's Rare Edition (Lacey)

  • Overlook's Royalty's Raven's Shadow (Shadow)

  • Royalty's Diamond in the Rough (Coal)

  • Royalty's Flight to Reno(Neva)

  • Royalty's Executive Marquee(Marcus)

  • Royalty's Rhyme and Reason (Roxy)

  • Royalty’s Logans The Limit (Logan)

  • Royalty’s Cooperative Agent DN CD CGC Farmdog (Cooper)

Cooper’s Pedigree  Click for Pedigree


  • Royalty’s Delightful Myth (Zeus) 

  • Royalty’s I’ll Have Another (Kendall) winning Best of Winners and Winners BitchThis is our chocholate pup Lacey we kept out of Royaltys Kahlua and Ch. liberty Creek’s Behr Two Dare All

  • Royalty’s Rhapsody (Zoey)

  • Royalty’s Dove at Royalty (Dove)

  • Lubberline Jetsam

  • Royalty’s Kahlua (Kali)


In Memory Of Our Beloved Companions:

  • Canadian Champion Royalty’s Solo (Solo)

  • Royalty’s Indulge In Chocolate (Mocha)

  • Royalty’s Razzle Dazzle (Abbey)

  • Royalty’s Charisma’s Delight (Deli)

  • Royalty’s Anne Belle Contessa (Anna Belle)

  • Royalty’s Raven (Raven)

  • Royalty’s Dakota of Lakeland (Cody) Cody passed away of old age August 3, 2012 and he was almost 14 years old. Cody will be very missed in our household. He was the puppy trainer, the baby-sitter for both child and puppy, the closet sleeper, the big dog with the deep bark, a kong lover, and my son’s college through adulthood dog. Cody fathered many litters in his lifetime and was the son of my beloved Champion Blue. Blue was the son of my Champion Target. Cody’s grandson Cooper is now the man of the house besides his buddy Logan. We already miss the big ears and wagging tail as we enter the house each day and we will never forget him.


  • Aquarious Delight at Loyalwood (Maverick) 1998-March 28, 2011 (13 years old)

  • Royalty’s Revival (Diva) 2008-2011 who unfortunately had complications during surgery

  • Royalty’s Charisma(Kerry), who passed away at the end of July 2009 (14 years of age) Kerry was the son of my Champion Blue

  • Royalty’s Bear Necessities (Bear) 13 years of age

  • Royalty’s Irish Sable (Sable) (13 yrs)

  • Royalty’s Return To Sender (Cinders) (13 yrs)

  • Ch. Blue Rock’s Baron of Royalty C.D. W.C.(Blue)(14 yrs)

  • Lord Elkton C.D.  (Elkton) (13 yrs)

  • Bailiwick Somethingroyal (Rally) (11 yrs)

  • Ch. Royalty’s Westminister Abbey C.D.  (Abbey)(11yrs)

  • Royalty’s Sir Lancelot (Lance)

  • Ch.Wimberway’s Colros Richard W.C.(Target)(13 yrs)

  • Royalty’s Spice of Highspire (Spice) (13 yrs)

  • Borador’s Gold Wind O’ Royalty (Mariah) (11 yrs)

  • Ambersand’s Royalty’s Ladyhawk (Lena)

  • Royalty’s Eclipse C.D. (Echo)

  • Ambersand’s Brigadoon (Briggs)

  • Royalty’s Lasting Impression(Lacy) (13 yrs)

  • Royalty’s Strike The Gold (Sarah)

  • Royalty’s Unique Destiny (Phoenix)


 Royalty’s Make An Entrance

Bluey A.K.A Indy

Royalty's Indigo


Royalty’s I’ll Have Another  


Overlook's Royalty's Raven's Shadow


Royalty's Flight to Reno


Royalty's Rhyme and Reason


Royalty’s Kahlua


Royalty’s Logans The Limit


Loyalwood Dove At Royalty




Royalty’s Dakota of Lakeland

1998-2012 (14 years)



14 years


Royalty's Revival

Passed February 2012


Royalty's Let It Go


Royalty’s Cooperative Agent DN CD CGC Farmdog


Royalty's Delightful Myth


Royalty's Diamond in the Rough


Royalty’s Rhapsody


Royalty's Executive Marquee


Royalty's Rare Edition


Lubberline Jetsam


Royalty's Indulge in Chocolate

Passed December 2013


Royalty's Razzle Dazzle

2002-2015 13 years of age


Canadian Champion Royalty’s Solo


Royalty’s Bear Necessities


13 years of age


Aquarious Delight at Loyalwood

1997-2011 (14 years of age)