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About Us

In 1973 we purchased our first Labrador Retriever.  Eventually we developed a desire for a show puppy- we named that yellow puppy Bailiwick Somethingroyal. Somethingroyal was the dam of the famous racehorse of that time, Secretariat. Hence we began the kennel name of Royalty Labradors.

We have been breeding quality Labrador Retrievers ever since. They have all been members of our family and shared their lives with our children as they grew. We try to produce dogs with typical Labrador temperament, well balanced, good bone and head structures, free of hereditary problems, with a great attitude of retrieving and long life spans. Some of our pups are from several of the most winning and best producing Labradors in the country. But above all they are first members of families, whatever else they do is secondary to that.


Most of our pups are reserved ahead of time by coming to visit us. We want our Labradors to go to permanent homes, so prospective owners should be sure they have the time, interest and facilities for raising an active puppy.

All of our breeding stock are certified free of hereditary hip, elbow and eye problems. We have about 1 or 2 litters a year. We have raised all three colors of Labradors.


We have made many friendships over the years of raising dogs. It is such a thrill to have a buyer coming back to us for his 3rd or 4th generation puppy. They have made us laugh , cry, and overall enhanced our lives on this planet.



Janet and Bob Yosay


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