Stories and Photos

Three dog night? Wow, I had no idea that three of my labs could comfortably fit on that little bed I bought them.

Abbey is our jet-setter. She has lived in Ohio, three places in Florida including next to the ocean, and Arizona. She has gone to college at The Ohio State University and she has made many friends around the United States. This photograph is from Southern California where she spent her time at the Del Mar dog beach on a vacation thanks to her sweet owners. Abbey is now 10 years old and is a daughter of Cody and Lacey. She is also the full sister to Anna Belle.

This is our male Cooper in April 2011. Do you think little boy dogs dream of sports cars?

Merry X-mas 2011 from The Yosay’s. This is Cooper (top left) his mom Solo (top right), Solo’s mom Anna Belle (bottom left), and Anna Belle’s dad Cody. So that makes this a family affair with Cooper being the young grand child and Cody being the Great Grandpa


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