Since 1973 we have been breeding quality Labradors. Our Labs are members of our family first and whatever else they do comes second.  We breed yellow, black, and chocolate labs and have about 1 to 2 litters per year. Our family has been involved with showing, breeding, obedience, and field work for many years. We like to ensure our puppies are going to great homes, so we always enjoy forming relationships with those families interested in adding one of our labs to their family. We only sell our puppies on limited registration. We welcome anyone who wants to visit our home to come by and meet all of our labs. All of our labs are free of hip, elbow, and eye problems before breeding. Our labs come from many champions in the show ring and in the field. Please don’t hesitate to call us for any questions or to let us know you would like to stop by.

Royalty’s Logans The Limit

Royalty’s Indulge in Chocolate

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Cooper & Lindsay

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Raven's pups August 2011

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Madison (aka Maddie) is an exuberant young lab who will be turning 4 next March 2009. She looks and acts like she’s still a young pup. She just completed and passed the Canine Good Citizens  test and is currently having fun in a tricks/agility ongoing program. She loves to talk; we only wish we could interpret what she has to say because it would be volumes. She’s often found shopping the family laundry where she will make a fair trade of one of her toys for an article of clothing which is usually a sock or two which she’ll carry around in her mouth as long as she can get away with it. She’s never far from our other lab, Dillon who is now 6 ½ and an offspring of Maverick. They are definitely partners in crime. We are truly blessed to have both of them in our lives.

Hi Janet,
I wanted to share some pictures of Bentley with you.  We love him SO much!!  He has been such an amazing dog.  We get wonderful comments on him all the time because he is beautiful and also so well behaved.  He has the most amazing mellow behavior (and that’s saying a lot for an 8 month old puppy! Bentley had a very fun summer at the beach in Grand Haven and at Jesse’s parents cottage on the lake.  He loved riding on the boat and swimming in the lake.  It was so fun! We are so thankful for you!  Bentley is such a wonderful dog.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better!  We ask him all the time how he got so handsome! I hope you are having a great fall,

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